Ideas and solutions for the choice of internal staircase

Every corner and every element of the house has a charm of its own, but the scale is the architectural element par excellence ancient and prestigious, regardless of structure and material. But in case there stairs trivial because the only important aspect is functional. Internal stairs are fundamental because they are in the living area of the house and in the bedroom. And we are assured that you have spent a lot of money to beautify and express the best of these two areas of the house and then ruin it all by internal staircase.

When choosing a scale, you should contact a professional or the manufacturer, but in general, we should consider some parameters:
1. The minimum width of the ramp must be 80cm, more if the environment allows;
2. This dimension refers to both a scale with ramp straight, either with spiral ramp;3. For the sizing of the scale, apply the known equation “2a + p = 62÷64cm”, where a = up (height between two steps) p = tread (depth of the step).

Now wee present this German company that produces some wonderful modern interior stairs. The company is called TREPPENMEISTER and you can find below some of their work.

TREPPENM.-558E treppenmeister_02 treppenmeister_03 treppenmeister_04 treppenmeister_06


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