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The Christmas Table

December 20, 2012

The Christmas decoration make the house happy and joyful in tune with the Christmas spirit, but beyond the garlands and other Christmas decorations important  decoration for the Christmas is table.
The table with a few simple gestures can be transformed from a daily table in a real decoration of Christmas.

You can decorate your table in various ways. Table can be decorated in classical way, but not only, if you are imaginative you can mix various colors but with a lot of style. Do not exaggerate, lot of colors, without any sense can mess up the whole thing. If you decide to be delicate, you can choose white as your principal colour. This time is very difficult to commit errors. White is unique and can be combined with all other colours. Here you have some photos of beautiful Christmas tables, so take a look on it, and MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂
























The ideal decorations for your Christmas tree Part 2

December 2, 2012



If you prefere the solution of the classical artificial tree, there are a lot of good trees that will fit to any interior and you can find them of any measure. The decorations will make your tree very customizable as you want better, with lights, wire lights of all colors, ribbons, rosettes and a valuable decoration at the top that makes the tree even more slender. If you are a fan of minimalism decoration and also do not like the decorations too rich, pompous and “Baroque“, we recommend a tree of a single color in the decorations, with lights only, at tje market you can choose between various artificial trees. They can be white or silver, so you can decorate it with blu or red decorations, even silver will be great.


The ideal decorations for your Christmas tree 1st Part

December 1, 2012

The Christmas tree is a tradition, but is also a beautiful ornament for the house, which contributes to inner joy not only to those who live in the house but also for all the loved ones who are an integral part of the joy of Christmas holiday.
If you are thinking of having a beautiful tree,the best way to start is to buy live tree, with plenty of roots to be presented in its own pot with water and earth, watered regularly and often diluting a kind of corn syrup and light which helps to prolong the life, the ‘smell of fresh pine in the house makes even more magical environment and more real meaning of Christmas.