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Brilliant idea: Distorted aquarium

December 26, 2012

It is a simple idea but it particularly affects those who love fresh, contemporary design, as well as those that enjoy aquariums.
This brilliant aquarium is a creation of the project by Psalt Design, a collaborative study of three English friends who graduated together at Sheffield Hallam University, they are Richard Bell, Thomas McKeown and David Powell. The piece does not need much explanation is simple, beautiful and elegant, the “Bubble Tank” as it was called, provides a unique touch to any contemporary ambience.



It does not need special support, a table goes well, a shelf or a large bookcase.The small aquarium in fact occupies only half of the space on the surface. And the funny thing is that this aquarium think on our little friends, in fact the fish into this specific and original “bowl” can swim upstream or downstream. 🙂