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Refrigerator: which one to choose?

January 3, 2013

Your refrigerator does not give you more guarantees as before? Do you want to buy a new model more in line with your tastes? Maybe is a good time to change your refrigerator? We will help you in the choice of models on the market, don’t worry 🙂

Old, bulky and smelly: these are some of the adjectives that are often associated with refrigerators to justify the buying of a new one. The ‘coexistence’ with certain appliances depends almost always on their maintenance, to have a refrigerator that will last long, periodic inspections are required by the owners. However, when you realize that the problems are difficult and expensive to resolve, you should consider the idea of ​​buying a new one.

We will list you some of the great brands and models of refrigerators, here they are:

White Combined Refrigerator Indesit

The new Indesit refrigerators Class A+ offer the best performance with minimum storage consumption: a saving of 25 percent more energy than refrigerators of class A.

Capacity in Litres: 334 liters
Energy Rating: A +
Color: White

Hygiene control: A real barrier to the proliferation of bacteria. Thanks to a special film which coats the inner walls of the refrigerator and prevents the formation of mold and bacteria, the foods are protected and keep longer freshness and original quality.

White Combined Refrigerator Candy

Intelligent consumption efficiency and conservation of the environment are the basic features that the new refrigerators Candy A+ represents. Candy cares about his clients and puts their needs at first place to give them a product that satisfies them at any cost.

Capacity in Litres: 212 liters
Energy Rating: A +
Color: White
Cooling system: Static

Extractable Shelves: The new glass shelves, robust and easy to handle are equipped with a rail with stop stroke end on which can slide to have an easier access to food placed in the rear of the shelf.

Removable gasket: The new refrigerators are equipped with innovative push-pull removable gasket for easy cleaning.

Two-doors Refrigerator Ariston

The refrigerator Ariston stands out for its refined and simple style, helping to make your home elegant and welcoming. And your life improves, thanks to a quality product able to satisfy your every need.

Capacity in Litres: 230 liters
Energy Rating: A
Color: White
Cooling system: Static

Hygiene Control: The same care that you put in the choice of food, Hotpoint-Ariston puts it in the perfect condition storage and in the most hygienic way. To better protect your foods, new refrigerators Hotpoint-Ariston have the inner walls coated with a special permanent film, which prevents the formation of mold or bacteria. From now, with Hygiene Control, the best place to store and protect your food will be really the refrigerator at home.

Pure Wind: The refrigerator is equipped with a special ventilation system that allows perfect air circulation and ensures absolutely uniform distribution of temperature and humidity inside. But what if the refrigerator is open all the time? No problem, Hotpoint-Ariston has thought of this: thanks to forced air circulation, the temperature inside the refrigerator is restored more quickly after the door is opened. The models with “Pure Wind Plus” offer even more: the silver ion filter, which reduces up to 70% of bacteria, extends the storage of food and eliminates the odors.

Hope that with this article we gived you a few ideas on which refrigerator to choose.