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Granite table with fire

December 30, 2012

Vesta creates a strong contrast with the table Stone Forest, the material is granite that is carved by hand and in the center is a fire, sat down and gathered around the flames you have a wonderful relaxing atmosphere.



The polished granite slab with chiseled sides is carved by hand, at the top the base is made ​​of stainless steel. The inner plate in aluminum is industrial, heavy and massive, is a piece of furniture particularly appropriate for a modern space outdoors.
These special tables are called Stone Forest because it refers to these furniture as sculptures, each of them is different as hand-carved. Therefore you can be sure that the fire of Vesta table will be unique to you and to your outdoor space.


Living the terrace all the year

December 26, 2012

Some products integrate in a single device dimming, control of light and heat from the outside, defense against insects. With the convenience of the electrical or remote control.
A veranda, resistant to heat, moisture and wind, leave us to use the space of the terrace or balcony all year round, whatever the weather is. Systems in aluminum and glass are flexible and adaptable to different heights and shapes, from rectangular to the polygonal with a sloping roof or with roof pavilions. Structures can be set independent and on several levels.

The protection of the indoor environment from overheating in summer is ensured through internal or external shading systems, thermal insulation and ventilation devices, mechanical and electrical.
To modulate the wall and make it easier to use, you can install windows with drop down door, sliding folding doors or sliding doors, which encourage natural ventilation and have minimum internal dimensions.




The verandas Schüco – convincing in every point of view.

In addition to the specific benefits, with a veranda get even more living space. For this reason, it is important in terms of economy, functionality and design perseguiate the same high levels that apply to the rest of your home. So you will feel at ease to 360 degrees – regardless of the area of ​​the house where you are. With Schüco systems the installation of your veranda is incredibly easy.




Ideas and solutions for the choice of internal staircase

December 9, 2012

Every corner and every element of the house has a charm of its own, but the scale is the architectural element par excellence ancient and prestigious, regardless of structure and material. But in case there stairs trivial because the only important aspect is functional. Internal stairs are fundamental because they are in the living area of the house and in the bedroom. And we are assured that you have spent a lot of money to beautify and express the best of these two areas of the house and then ruin it all by internal staircase.

When choosing a scale, you should contact a professional or the manufacturer, but in general, we should consider some parameters:
1. The minimum width of the ramp must be 80cm, more if the environment allows;
2. This dimension refers to both a scale with ramp straight, either with spiral ramp;3. For the sizing of the scale, apply the known equation “2a + p = 62÷64cm”, where a = up (height between two steps) p = tread (depth of the step).

Now wee present this German company that produces some wonderful modern interior stairs. The company is called TREPPENMEISTER and you can find below some of their work.

TREPPENM.-558E treppenmeister_02 treppenmeister_03 treppenmeister_04 treppenmeister_06