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Luxury showers, cabins and jacuzzi PART 2

December 16, 2012

As promised here you have a second part of article named Luxury showers, cabins and jacuzzi. Hope you liked yesterday’s post. 🙂 Let’s begin with writing.

Luxury steam shower by Lineaaqua



There is nothing more relaxing like a bath in pleasant atmosphere, with music and lot of steam. With this shower by Lineaqua it is now possible. Shower space is in the form of capsule in a futuristic style and itis illuminated by LED lights and has a built-in stereo system. It also has six atomizers supporting hydromassage and acupuncture.

Luxury horizontal shower



Donbracht is a manufacturer of innovative products for the bathroom, always looking for a sleek, modern design, such as the horizontal shower. Cool shower?? I think that is pretty great. 🙂

Modern and Elegant Shower



Showers made from tempered glass by Disenia enclosures different needs of space and environment, providing solutions for showers of different sizes and wide range of customization with shower accessories, shower trays and shower heads.